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"There had been a little bit of hype in certain media outlets that was a little bit sensational regarding how it was depicting this technology as the death of romance," Dr Hobbs said.

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The amount of a child support obligation shall remain as stated in the order until all dependent children for whom support is ordered shall terminate their high school education or reach the age of 18 years, whichever is later, or become married, or become a member of the armed services, at which time the child support obligation, including all educational support obligations, terminates without further legal action.

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Click on a topic to go directly to that section: “Domestic violence occurs when a person commits [battery] against or upon the person's spouse or former spouse, any other person to whom the person is related by blood or marriage, any other person with whom the person is or was actually residing, any other person with whom the person has had or is having a dating relationship, any other person with whom the person has a child in common, the minor child of any of those persons, the person's minor child or any other person who has been appointed the custodian or legal guardian for the person's minor child[.]” in order for the court to convict the accused of "battery domestic violence." In this section we discuss these two elements in detail: Nevada "battery domestic violence" charges apply only when the accused and alleged victim share an familial, intimate, or domestic relationship.

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