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If you’re using KDE or KDE programs, you won’t see that much because you already have most of Amarok’s dependencies.But in any other desktop environment, you’re basically half-installing the KDE Plasma desktop and you’ll also have a handful of extra KDE processes running.If you are unable, or unwilling, to learn and work through Linux’s complexities, you may want to avoid Linux. It’s difficult to pinpoint this exactly, but relatively speaking, it is safe to say not many.Problems you encounter are your responsibility to fix. In Userland, managing your music library is more important than kernels, ASLR, access control or any of that boring stuff.Thus I see no wrong in going full OCD and Synaptic shopping for a music player you’d want to get all snuggly with.This is not an insignificant hurdle for many people.

Today, to the chagrin of Linux fanboys everywhere, I will explore the other side of the issue with 11 reasons the average desktop user would want to avoid Linux. In no particular order, here are 11 reasons Linux sucks. Sure, once you are familiar with Linux and its idiosyncrasies, it’s not hard to use. As with several of the upcoming entries, this problem isn’t as severe as it was a few years ago. That means you need to match the case (upper/lower case) when you type them in. First, note that both your USERNAME and PASSWORD are case sensitive.The optional applications are QT3 and KDE3 applications, some of them originally third-party, which have been ported forward to TQT/TDE and are now maintained by the Trinity Project.All of them require TQT to be installed, and many also require tdelibs, so they share the dependency list for the core packages. Your PASSWORD is whatever you set up when you first signed up. Typically, your Pure Stream USERNAME is the email address you signed up with.The following core and dependency packages have already been converted, and their autotools build scripts are no longer maintained: Some other packages are in the process of conversion, but do not have complete cmake build scripts yet.Build everything not in the list above with autotools.Other than that, well, if this page looks awfully similar to How to Build TDE Core Modules, that's because they were both split from a single difficult-to-read mega-page on the old wiki, and some material had to be common to both.To use the release tarballs, just untar them somewhere.

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