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* Dynamic aircraft movements or 2D cockpit camera shake based on actual   real-life captured 3D accelerometer data. EXE programs will prepare all necessary dot Net 2 and dot Net 4 dependent DLL libraries before running the appropriate FSX/P3D server or client programs. In Prepar3D version 2 mode (requiring dot Net 2 Sim Connect) the start up programs will activate the FSX server or client program. In Opus FSI Version 5, separate server and client programs are used for the FSX/FSX Steam simulators and the Prepar3D simulator. The FSXSERVER and FSXCLIENT programs are used with the Microsoft FSX, FSX Steam, and Prepar3D v2 simulators (dot Net 2).

* Automated head movement to assist taxiing and banking in a turn. By default, the new Opus FSI Version 5.00 software is installed in the c:\Opus FSI_v5 folder. EXE programs control the start up of the various SERVER and CLIENT software (see below). In all other Prepar3D version 3 modes (requiring dot Net 4 Sim Connect) the usual P3D server or client is activated. All dot Net libraries and the appropriate server/client program is started automatically by the above FSISERVER. The P3DSERVER and P3DCLIENT programs are used with the latest Lockheed Martin Prepar3D Version 3 simulator (dot Net 4).

In other words, there is a lot of hate, bitterness and negativity surrounding this release and not just from Leica users but also from users of other types of cameras. I know why this is though, and understand why that there are so many X Vario haters. But with all of that out of the way, just how good of a camera is the X Vario?

It is the fault of Leica for promoting it as a Mini M. I hope to shed some light on that question in this review that is filled with images from the camera, with many full size images from RAW, as well as my honest and truthful thoughts. If you start posting hateful comments that attack me or anyone else here you will be deleted, plain and simple. Before I get to the Good let me answer this question: “So what is the X Vario”?

Greatly improved (speeded up) program initialisation and the initial data loading procedures. If no sim type argument is supplied the programs will examine the FSISERVER. The P3D server and client programs are not compatible with the dot Net 2 FSX, FSX Steam, or P3D v1 and v2 simulators and interfaces via the newer Lockheed Martin dot Net 4 Sim Connect library. EXE program is recommended for 'No Connection' type clients as this program is dot Net 4 compatible.

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