Config file etc xinetd d cvspserver needs updating

It just happens to use the same encryption method as the unix system's and the pservers passwd files.Just type: htpasswd -c passwd foo where passwd is the name of your password file and foo is the username, and it will create the file and prompt you for the password.There are three popular ways to access the CVS at this point.The first two don't need any further configuration. The following are the steps for setting this feature up: This is one of the harder areas of the Linux build.

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It is possible to have cvs users which are not part of the OS (no local users).

It is worth noting however that access to a pserver over the internet is asking for trouble unless you restrict it to anonymous read access only.

Once you install cvs, the repository will be automatically initialized.

First grab yourself a copy of the CVS Server should do it.

It is a little harder than other sections because it is not anywhere nearly as well documented as things like Samba although it is defiantly getting there.

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