Configuration manager collections not updating

Configuration data is automatically collected on a regular schedule.By default, collections are scheduled to run once a day at the time the original installation was done.The copyright statements and licenses applicable to the open source software components distributed in v Realize Configuration Manager 5.8.2 are available at Download VMware v Realize Configuration Manager, on the Open Source tab.You can also download the source files for any GPL, LGPL, or other similar licenses that require the source code or modifications to source code to be made available for the most recent generally available release of v Sphere.To migrate your environment to the current version of VCM, you must be running VCM 5.5 or earlier, EMC Ionix SCM 5.0 or later, or Configuresoft ECM 4.11.1 or later.For more information about upgrading an existing instance of VCM, see the VCM Advanced Installation Guide on the VMware Web site at Powershell Unlock-CMObject: more info on how SEDO works: upgraded our Config Mgr2012 R2 hierarchies to the new “Configuration Manager with no more version numbers” build 1511.

Configuration data is collected only if the Scheduler has been started.

The Scheduler is always running unless it has been manually stopped with the The Scheduler acts as a coordinator of activities, and provides both a richer schedule capability and the ability to perform collections on a regular schedule.

There are roughly 120 site servers in the central hierarchy (across 2 CAS hierarchies), For the most part things went quite well, no major issues at all.

I’ll keep this page to note any special gotchas that are outside the various step-by-step guides already out there, and also some easy quick link references.

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