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"It was with somebody I'd gotten to know well," he recalled.

"I'm happy to say I've had a lot better sex since then, but it wasn't as horrendously embarrassing as a lot of other people's were—like my friend who got drunk and did it with a stranger under a bridge." As a follow-up question, Radcliffe, who has been open about his previous struggles with alcohol abuse and began living a sober life in 2010, was asked if sex is better sans booze, and once again, he provided an honest response.

Daniel Radcliffe is famously coy about his love life, but leave it to Andy Cohen to get something out of the young actor.

Radcliffe, 24, was on Bravo's late-night talk show, "Watch What Happens Live," Thursday promoting his upcoming Beat Generation film "Kill Your Darlings," when he admitted that he has a new leading lady who, once again, is older than him. After a fan called into the show to ask Daniel if he was single or taken and what his type was, the actor replied, "Yes, I am dating someone. the type I keep private." He later added, "My type is intelligent." Noting that five years ago Daniel admitted to losing his virginity at age 16 to a much older woman, Andy pushed him on whether or not the new lady in his life was a bit older as well. It would be hard for me to deny," he confessed, adding, "I have a track record with that." Later on, Andy called Daniel a "Hairy Otter," a moniker that the actor says he's been called before.

world, was dating a real-life prince, Prince Harry of the United Kingdom. Watson is an advocate of the He For She campaign and serves as a U. Days later, the official Twitter page of the He For She campaign featured a tweet with a photo of Harry and a pro-gender equality quote he had made while speaking in a video recorded for a 2013 concert to promote the CHIME for Change campaign.

She said at a press conference to promote Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part Two: ‘It was obviously hard to put our personal history to one side because we did grow up together but I think they don’t mind me saying, if you’ve done this once, four or five times kissing gets quite boring.’ The actress had to kiss Radcliffe in the first part of Deathly Hallows and has to pucker up to Grint in the latest – and final – movie.Tom Felton, aka Harry Potter baddie Draco Malfoy, tells Metro about his secret boy crush, why he cringes when he sees himself on screen, and whether we can expect to see him stripping off on stage like Daniel Radcliffe did. Alan Rickman , Michael Gambon , Helena Bonham Carter – they’re all wonderful people and very helpful and inspiring. It was one of my favourite films when I was younger and I asked how he did certain scenes. It took me six years to work up the courage to ask him. On my last day, we were at King’s Cross station in make-up, which made us look 19 years older. I’ll take my clothes off – whatever the job requires. Jason Isaacs [Lucius Malfoy] always looked after me very well. She said tell your brain you’re not allowed to cry and then it’s more likely to happen. You hear stories about actors who demand their coffee to be served at a certain temperature but on Harry Potter if you wanted a cup of tea you had to get it yourself. One of the first days was the scene of us walking into the great hall, which I’ll never forget. Will you have to take off all your clothes on stage to shake off the Draco Malfoy image? Daniel Radcliffe didn’t do it for an image change; he did it because he’s very passionate about theatre.It’s all basically speculation at this point though!Harry allegedly got a mutual friend to set them up and then threw a party with 12 other friends for them to meet at.Following her apparent denial tweet, Watson said on her Twitter page on Saturday, "Also.....Through his work with the Trevor Project, a nonprofit organization that offers suicide prevention services to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth, Daniel Radcliffe has spoken passionately about the importance of helping these at-risk kids and removing the stigma of coming out.‘We’d just been soaked by an enormous bucket of water which hurt., which we had to pretend we didn’t know was going to happen but we knew was coming.‘That was equally awkward and weird so both strange situations to be in.She said: ‘His beautiful girlfriend is sitting on the other side of the room so no, I don’t think so.‘My 12-year-old self would say yes, but my 21-year-old self, no.’ Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part Two premieres in Trafalgar Square tomorrow and the film is released on July 15.

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