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Civil weddings are performed at the Juzgado de Paz by a Paraguayan official known as “Juez de Paz”.The Juzgado de Paz offices are located throughout Paraguay and are plentiful in large cities.Relationships, Marriage, & Family Life in Paraguay Generally, young men and women will live with their parents until they marry, at which time they will move into a new place together.Most Paraguayans marry at some point in their life, either in a church wedding or a civil ceremony.

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No doubts, if Paraguayan girl will marry westerner, for example, American man, he would bring his corrections and ideas to their common life and she would probably live very different than if she had family back in Paraguay.

Role of wife in Paraguayan family is very hard and heavy.

In October 2016, the Ministry of Public Health and Social Welfare approved Resolution 695 stablishing that all transgender people may use their social name on medical records, medical history and forms.

It also states that officials working in Integrated Networks of Health Services (RIISS) will be required to provide assistance and obligatory treat transgender patients with the social name with which they identify themselves.

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