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They were first made in Buffalo in 1884 and for several years after. They identify the position that the mold in which the jar was made held on the glassmaking machine.

Randi Kreger has brought the concerns of people who have a family member with borderline personality disorder (BPD) and narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) to an international forefront through her best-selling books, informative website, and popular online family support community Welcome to Oz.

Tinder uses your existing social networking data from Facebook to locate people in the immediate vicinity, tell you a bit about them, whether you have any friends in common and (most importantly) show you a pic.

Monday Turns out I've been signed up to Facebook as male, so Tinder is only matching me with women.

These stories will make you second-guess swiping right ever again.

About Us Minnetrista is a gathering placeinspired by the Ball family legacythat connects people and encouragesinvolvement, making our community a better place to live.

They lavish affection on loved ones one moment, and then lash out at them the next. At first, this description may sound merely like someone going through a moody stage of life, like a teenager. They are driven by impulsivity, self-loathing, an intense fear of being abandoned, a relentless sense of emptiness, and the feeling they don't know who they are. When I come home, will I be greeted at the door by the caring person I fell in love with?

They are hard-wired to feel love, hate, and everything in between more intensely, in the vast majority of situations, and with most people—especially the people who love them most. Or will it be the raging tyrant who's got to have her way, no matter what? You are among fathers, mothers, partners, siblings, and others who are going through the same pain and difficulties—difficulties so incomprehensible that one person who struggled for years with the BPD of a close loved one summed it up this way: "I feel like I'm in the middle of Oz complete with flying monkeys and talking trees.

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