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One lady brought in a 4.50 carat single-stone ruby ring which had been passed on by her grandmother.After being sent away for testing, Bonhams discovered that it was an ultra-rare Burmese unheated stone, which sold for £134,500.In this interview, Rhinestone Rosie, as she is known to customers of her Seattle store and fans who have seen her on “Antiques Roadshow,” describes the origins of rhinestones and explains what makes a piece of costume jewelry collectible. My parents had a second-hand store in Orlando, Florida. They would buy estates, and there was always a little bit of costume jewelry included in the sale.My mom always gave it to me, and I just played with it.So I basically taught myself how to repair her jewelry.Eventually I started repairing jewelry for other dealers, and I finally opened my store in 1984. We have thousands of pieces for sale, including some with semi-precious stones.Sometimes these flaws can only be seen with the help of magnifier or a jewelers loupe. Acid testing can destroy a piece if the acid is not washed of immediately following usage.Some materials cannot really be identified using only one testing method.

One item produced was a cameo pin believed to have been carved out of sardonyx/carnelian with yellow gold metal accented with an applied granular texture on the leaves (variegated with yellow, rose, and green gold filling) on each side of the cameo. The Accessocraft Products Company, NY, was founded by Edgar Rodelheimer and Theodore Steinman, and opened in 1930.A utility patent First ask yourself "what do I like? Start collecting earrings from a particular era, designer or manufacturer. There are many books and websites dedicated to the subject of vintage costume jewelry. Try our vintage costume jewelry library of jewelry articles for a good starting point.. When you are examining the stones, you should look for variances in its color as well as chips or scratches.Look for cat pins from one designer, manufacturer or in a particular metal. When you are examining the setting, look for signs of repairs and verdigris.1945 (used for plastic jewelry including necklaces, bracelets, finger rings, earrings, jewelry clips, brooches, lockets, beads, ornamental pins, hat and hair ornaments made with precious or semi-precious metals, fancy buckles and jewelry initials) that were plastic plated. Adele Smithline was born in 1903 and married Wesley William Simpson in 1930.Through 1930, she had worked as a designer for Gershels, William Bass firm, and Mary Lee Fashions.Trifari Weiss Kramer Coro, Corocraft & Vendome Lisner Napier Monet Park Lane Avon Sarah Coventry Marvella JJ Art Alice Caviness Hobe' Miriam Haskell Florenza Eisenberg Hattie Carnegie Beaujewels D&E, Juliana and Juliana Style Robert Hollycraft Bogoff Krementz Schiaparelli Warner Boucher Harry Iskin Kenneth Jay Lane, KJL, Kenneth Lane Mazer Brothers & Jomaz Little Nemo Austria Accessocraft N. Gielar Joseff of Hollywood Michal Negrin Theodor Fahrner Spratling Unger Brothers Rebajes Gerard Yosca Los Castillo Cini Star-Art Coppola e Toppo Walter Lampl Los Ballesteros Lanvin Flying Colors Mizpah Virgil Cantini Ed Levin Lilly Dache Dodds Limoges langani Perli Bill Schiffer Duane Pastelli Botticelli Triad Tara Jewels by Julio Amy Lacombe Escada Irena Bryner, Irena Brynner Marlene Margot de Taxco Gale Thomas L. Robert De Mario Pell Ciner Nettie Rosenstein Matisse and Renoir Miracle Bergere Erwin Pearl Beaucraft Carl Art Laguna Gerry's Brooks Karu Arke Whiting & Davis BSK Joan Rivers Musi Givenchy Les Bernard Schreiner Judy Lee Sandor Barclay Cadoro Christian Dior Mylu Mimi di N Regency Jewelarama Danecraft Pauline Rader Sherman Schrager Carolee Eugene Beatrix 1928 Stanley Hagler, Mark Mercy & Ian St.Jewellery prices have been rising in recent years as investors move away from stocks and shares into more tangible commodities like diamonds, gemstones and collectable pieces.And it cites the example of a dusty ruby brooch, which was bought in a Cambridgeshire charity shop for £1.50 and sold for £2,400 at auction after ‘scratches’ on its back were identified as a Cartier signature. Some great success stories have come out of valuations.Years later, when I was working at a television station, I became friends with a co-worker who had a vintage-clothing store.I was doing some part-time clothing-repair work for her, but she also had a lot of broken jewelry.

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