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Reviewers can begin coding documents at any point after the project has a status of RAR Sample Set created.To give reviewers access to documents designated for a specific project round, project managers can create views or batches of documents based on the RAR sample set field.Assisted Review also does not capture the seed reviewer of the documents for use in subsequent rounds.

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Back in the day, document reviews included everything in a custodian’s email for any given responsive period.Additionally, when you are creating a new round, you may choose to automatically create batches to assign round sample documents to reviewers when a round is initiated by selecting Yes for the Automatically create batches field.You can also set the Maximum Batch Size to specify the maximum number of documents in a batch.You would then assign those batches to your designated RAR reviewers as you would normally for document review.It's important for reviewers to be diligent when deciding which documents are good examples for machine learning. If reviewers attempt to code documents in the sample set using mass edit, Assisted Review does not update the Reviewed Count field or the overturn information.You should make sure that an application has debugging disabled before deploying into production scenario. ISO 9001 standards for document management have many requirements for certification.Now technology has advanced well beyond those halcyon days. I have actually sat in review rooms next to people reading Japanese For Dummies (affiliate link).Litigants negotiate sophisticated culling terms and technology is able to sift out all the penis enlargement ads. While not my preferred studying method, I can’t say I’m surprised.For a document to be reviewed, a notification is sent to the person designated as the Document Owner and a corresponding task assigned.When the Document Owner views the task, reviews the document, updates it if necessary, and marks the item as complete, the workflow should be completed.

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