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Please record your name and student ID on check payment.Credit card payments are not accepted by mail, in-person or phone.Credit card payments are processed by a third-party vendor and assessed a 2.75% convenience fee (minimum ) on the payment amount.Credit card payments are not accepted in-person or via mail.Could predators be spying on you and your kids through your computer's webcam? From thousands of miles away he broke into one family's laptop and turned on their webcam to view teen girls in their bedroom and in their dining room as the family ate dinner.Authorities say criminals are now able to hack in and watch your every move -- without you ever knowing it. Now they can access your webcam remotely, watching your most intimate moments from the kitchen to the privacy of your own bedroom. "It took about three minutes" to hack into their system, Stickley told us. "Suddenly you're all over the Internet," Stickley said.Using e Check/ACE deducts money immediately from your checking account online, free of charge.

Over time our site grown in size and scope in an effort to bring you the user to our area to enjoy what we have to offer.

We all do it: We use our computer, then we get distracted with something and just walk away. Stickley said such families are easy targets for webcam predators -- criminals like Luis Mijangos. So we set up an experiment using the Siegel family of New Jersey.

Computer expert Jim Stickley of Trace Security showed us how easy it is.

Many of our long time users of this web site know of the reason we started the site some 18 years ago.

Those who are here visiting the site for the first time, we started this site with our personal funds to promote the area of Island Pond VT.

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