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watch interview » “…a diverse range of luminous dancing figures unified…the energy of movement is unmistakable.” read » “I think a lot of [people] tend to just see the finished product and not see the people in the background, all the teamwork and community events that go into a production…all of the conversations that are sparked, all the ideas that are ignited…” read » “City’s new gateway…Mural designer Jacques-Jean “JJ” Tiziou took 18,000 photos of 174 dancers – pros and amateurs, preschoolers and grandmoms.

A team of muralists then spent months bringing the figures to life…” read » “Flight of fancy surrounds airport in mural of dancers…Tiziou chose the 26 images based on the way the figures harmonized visually rather than any particularly spectacular dance step.

One who does this must be very trusted and this lesson is any professional’s nightmare.Erika and Chip look posing on the cobblestone roads in Society Hill, dancing underneath Head House Square, and even enjoying cocktails at their favorite bar, The Twisted Tail, which, coincidentally is also one of our favorite bars here at Philly in Love!Lindsay Docherty Photography’s sharp skills were on point with this couple, catch them smiling, kissing and making goo-goo eyes at each other as they fall deeper in love every second in the streets of our most cherished city.“How Philly Moves is based on our longstanding commitment to public art. Over a thousand people worked on this mural and have been engaged in the education and design component.That really is the power of art – to bring people together to provide something that is so visually appealing, but also unifying.” read » Jane Golden interviews with co-anchors Ukee Washington and Erika von Tiehl on Eyewitness News on CBS 3!Tiziou said the point is to show the diversity and exuberance of the people of Philadelphia.” read » “When he’s working, Jacques-Jean “J.J.” Tiziou is intensely physical, bordering on acrobatic.Like a magnet, he spots where the center of energy is, fully saturating in the power of the moment.” read » “The subjects of How Philly Moves will star in Philadelphia’s most audacious mural yet, a supersize visual gateway befitting the city’s status as having the largest public-art program in America.” read » “Some photographers have the gift of capturing a subject’s spirit in a single frame.Others have the ability to reveal beauty in the unconventional.Please join The Boys & Girls Club of Chester for an evening full of music and entertainment, featuring Avery Sunshine and The Point Blank Band.Thu, March 30, 2017 PM – PM EDT Add to Calendar LOCATION Harrah's Casino | 777 Harrah's Boulevard | Chester, PA 19013 Tickets: - CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR TICKETS TODAY!!

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  1. However Andy's last letter, written to her mother after Melissa's untimely death, makes it eloquently clear how much they really meant, and gave to, each other over the years—physically apart, perhaps, but spiritually as close as only true lovers can be.