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I figured that if anyone could speak to this stereotype, it would be them, and their responses were ), so as an outsider that can be really intimidating when you meet someone.On the surface the industry is about material goods and how people look, so it can seem that way at first glance.'Taz is our king and yes we all share him, the way I look at it is we rather have a quarter of a real n****r than a whole f*****g n*****r, most ya b*****s sharing ya man with ur best friend, ur neighbor, shit, even ur sister and don't even know it.At the end of the day it's our life and we don't give a f*** what anyone thinks about us.' [sic]She said: 'It goes beyond the typical partying you see on Snapchat into some darker s***.It’s not uncommon to hear women in the fashion industry joke about their eternally single status.

I realize that Cat sells a dream and so many fall for it.These rings are feminine and dainty, but still very cool. Add a cross-body bag You don’t want to be holding a clutch (and probably forgetting it somewhere, if you’re like me) so stick with a chic easy cross body bag (PS I also love this one).All you need is your wallet (it’s 2016, nothing is as strong and sexy as picking up the cheque, ladies), sunglasses, gum a few makeup items to touch up. Wear comfortable footwear Add comfortable footwear as you never know where the date might take you.Keep it simple (and not skin tight) It can be tempting to want to up the ante and pull out a sexy dress, but I’ve always found that men prefer something that a) leaves something to the imagination and b) you feel comfortable in.The best dates are the ones where you end up eating like 10 courses so you can keep talking, so you don’t want something too tight 🙂 2.Don’t overdo it on the jewelry As much as I think you should stay true to your style, keeping your jewelry simple on a date is the best way to go.You want to be the centre of attention, not your statement necklace.It’s not sexy to be the girl in super high heels who can’t do whatever the gentleman (or lady) might have planned. Again, if you’re a klutz like me, you don’t want the added risk of potentially bailling. They also made us 'earn' everything even the food they ordered. She added: 'I really enjoy meeting and receiving all messages from my fans and appreciate all the support I am given, it means so much to me!

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