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This page Self-Liquidating Arbitrage Loans (Source: Andrew Scully) You don't have to be rich to get an Arbitrage Loan. Needless to say, you have probably seen hundreds of offers over the past ten to twenty years - but have you been able to get a Self-Liquidating Loan? Because there's many con artists associated with this investment technique. You can get a loan and make money through some arbitrage and hedging. Its a loan where you profit from the spread between interest rates.It refers to a loan that is used to generate proceeds that are in turn used to repay the loan.Basically, a borrower takes out a loan that is used to finance business activities that generate revenue.The boutique investment banker is the most important piece of the puzzle.It gives the bank what it need to feel comfortable with the transaction.

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Basically, an Arbitrage Loan, looks like this: All of the above actions take place SIMULTANEOUSLY at the closing of the loan, which is arranged by the " Escrow or law firm " for the Boutique Investment Banker who put the deal together.

If your debts have interfered with your financial situation, causing turmoil in your life, first contact your lenders and see what kind of negotiation on payments you can make.

You can then decide how much of your debt you want to handle.

You don’t necessarily have to eliminate debt, but get it to where you can pay it off each month to improve your financial condition.

You want to free up some cash, so you can enjoy your life without the constant worries of growing debt.

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