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Indeed, central to the strategy of any platform business is the imperative to simply survive.A quick survey of business history shows how easily platforms come and go. Internet Explorer eliminated Netscape and enjoyed a run of dominance, but now is threatened by Google’s Chrome.The gathering included senior executives and a small group of younger workers who had become convinced that the Internet would revolutionize the computer software business.

I have received a threatening letter from the attorney of Mozilla Foundation saying that using the 'Mozilla' word inside the name of my software infringes their trademark rights and demanding that I'll change the name of this tool.

In order to avoid from any trouble in the future, I decided to change the name of this tool to MZHistory View.

This utility works on any version of Windows, From Windows 98 to Windows 10.

In short, any company that matches two sides of a market is a platform.

Everyone uses platforms, and company fortunes are made and lost through them, but the dynamics of how platforms operate and how winners emerge remain little understood—even among those organizations whose very existence depends on them.

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