Rainie yang and mike he dating

i mean she likes to prank people on april fools day... but definitely even if he's not, as a fan it's so good that she finally found someone to love I'm thinking it's fake since it's April Fool's and all. , I am shocked to see there aren't thousands of congratulations to Rainie Yang and Mike He. There are so many girlfans who have decided, if Mike can't be with them, they will give their lives to see that he is with Rainie.

Offscreen, Mike He revealed that kissing Dayuan was like incest, however, Dayuan who filmed for the first time self-exposed that acting with Mike He whether kissing, crying or fighting scenes felt like love.

And Rainie was cuddled right next to him the entire time.

Adding more fuel to this claim is a good friend of Sunny’s confirming to the media that they are in fact dating and it’s a very new relationship.

I have been at a loss for words lately because I've been too happy!

" she wrote Rainie, who left netizens puzzled over her cryptic message, followed up with another posting at midnight."I have finally found my Prince Charming! The singer's surprise announcement led to an outpour of blessings from her fans, despite not knowing the identity of the mystery man.

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