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This is not at all the case with the chapel, which, on the contrary, exudes a kind of permanence… The dome is just blue and white, and yet, in the middle, at the summit, there’s a wine-red rosette, red, blood-red. They were gasps of oxygen compared with my four meter by two pictures!

The avowed aim was that they should tremble, that they should quiver, that they move. Because these two pieces, especially the chapel, were made with purely verbal authorization and agreement. In India, I saw people who, to make fuel, chuck cow dung on the walls in bright sunlight.

And, curiously, now, in this chapel, there’s another presence, in addition to mine and the many figures one sees, quivering, there, on the wall – I believe. How are Les Orpellières and the chapel “self-proclaimed commissions”?

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