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Sometimes we may need to merge multiple documents into one when you are using the Microsoft Word applications.In Word, you probably can merge multiple documents into one document with the following tricky ways: Merge multiple documents into one document with Insert Text from File function(Without keeping the format)Merge multiple documents in to one document with VBA(Complicated, for advanced users)Merge multiple documents into one document and keep format with Kutools for Word(Easy, simple)You can merge multiple documents into one document by using the Text from File function in Word, but by doing this, you will lost the format of documents after merged.By the way, if you select a part of the document first, it will select all tables in the selection of the document.

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Function Srch Word() Dim wapp As Object Dim wdoc As Object Dim wfile As String Dim wrnge As Object Set wapp = Create Object("Word.application") wapp.

prompting to confirm worksheet deletions), which you may or may not want to suppress. Description The improvement of screen Updating depends largely on how your macro is written.

(I guess technically it will make it run faster since there will be no dialogs, but you know what I mean). This will speed up operations while also providing the user with a better and more tolerable experience. It will be specially usefull with those horrible macros made by the recorder, full of unnecessary "select" and "activate". I had a long-running macro several years ago that took almost a minute to run.

Anyways the problem continues tho, if I place that code in a macro it works, in the function it does not.

(Also sorry, but I'm not very familiar with Stack Overflow as of yet...

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