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It could be end-to-end encryption, but there are indications that, particularly when routed through the Skype servers, the conversation could be visible or audible in unencrypted form.

On top of that, there’s really no reliable way to tell what kind of connection you have, or even if you do have a Skype-to-Skype connection, that the information still isn’t being mirrored to Skype’s servers somehow.

The technology is potentially recordable by the Skype servers.

It’s not confirmed, but we have to assume that it is possible.

Today i was threatened by a group who called themselves "anonymous".

I didn't know them and pressed yes on one by accident.

Despite her clear blackmail attempt, she tried to incite Jon's sympathy, claiming: 'I'm asking you still care my sister is very ill and I'm ready to suck the life out of you if you do not pay me 500 of your change, believe me, I'm not kidding because I do not would hesitate a second released this video of you on all the canvas by placing it on all major video sharing sites online in the world.' He said: 'I told her 'I think you've picked on the wrong person here - you should go and pick on someone who cares.

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