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The deluge of information that emerges from these genome-scale investigations has stimulated a parallel development of new analytical frameworks and tools. Second-generation sequencing offers several advantages over previous technologies. This type of data will undoubtedly reveal new insights into the regulation of gene transcription and RNA processing.

The complexity of somatic genomic alterations in cancer genomes also requires the development of robust methods for the interrogation of the function of genes identified by these genomics efforts. It has the power to identify mutations in highly admixed samples by virtue of deep coverage (Thomas et al. Similar approaches can be applied to c DNA, also known as RNA-seq, which permits accurate digital measurements of gene expression across the whole transcriptome. In the near future, sequencing-based approaches will be applied to nearly all aspects of cancer genome characterization.

Courses can be applied toward certifying and licensing board requirements and may also be used for recertification with the American Board of Toxicology (ABT). The Basic Course is intended to provide a broad overview of an area or to assist individuals in learning new techniques or approaches.

The Advanced Course is intended to be of interest to individuals with previous knowledge of the subject or already working in the field.

All courses will be held on Sunday, March 13, 2016, at the New Orleans Ernest N. Please check the signage in the registration area and at the CE Booth for room assignments.

Note: Your course materials will be available in the room immediately prior to the course (they will not be available at the registration area).

If you have your course ticket, go directly to the assigned course room.

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