Windows reverse dns not updating

Hi Everyone, I have 3 DNS servers (win2k3) integrated into AD that their reverse DNS is not updating. Both Forward and reverse DNS was screwed up to begin with.To fix the forward, i modified the DHCP server to always update DNS when ever it adds a new client.There should be a flag set to "1" if the client is supposed to update both the A record and PTR record.

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To verify the zone is responding correctly, simulate a zone transfer by typing the following: ls -d If the server is configured to restrict zone transfers, you might see an error message in Event Viewer.

The dynamic update client registers an address resource record (A RR). the DHCP server can be configured to instruct the client to allow the server to register both records with the DNS.

The forward DNS entries ("A" records) for windows machines on the domain are populated automatically.

For more information about Event Viewer, see "Troubleshooting Tools" earlier in this chapter.

Use the following process to verify that your DNS server is started and can answer queries.

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