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I've been going out quite a bit, but that's not really new.I've been bonding with Lali (Yamini is out of town) but that's not a surprising development.People who don’t respect the social contract (rapists, predators, assholes, pickup artists) are good at taking advantage of this. I can tell you from that experience that it is difficult for even attentive and conscientious men to figure out how to operate ethically and effectively in the face of our failure to make clear consent a part of our culture.I can also tell you from that experience that most women — including most feminist women — don't realize how tricky this situation is for men.(Not that I know much Telugu or Malayalam, but I could have taken an educated guess there)* Since this is clearly a time of concerts, next weekend, I'm going to watch Iron Maiden with Crowley. My one bargaining point in the Delhi versus Bombay debate has been taken away from me.I'm more excited about the Iron Maiden after party that we're going to, but I guess I should listen to some of the music before I party up with the band, eh? Yesterday, the temperature was TEN POINT FIVE degrees. Now all they have to do is get a better road system in place and well, I'll have nothing to say anymore.

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indeed I think that the point I want to make about men's perspective on this only makes sense if you take rape culture seriously. But for convenience, I have transcribed it: I don't know how I ever got laid, really, ’cause I was awful at it. I just — I couldn't, I would just go “Ca N i Fu Ck Yo U? I remember one night, I was with a girl, I was like twenty years old, I was already doing standup, and I did a show in Washington DC. ” I was like, “Because you didn't want to.” She's like, “Yes I did!

If you’re tired of using Tinder, and Bumble isn’t exactly your thing, and you’d instead prefer to share long, intimate conversations with someone who has the same political thoughts as you, perhaps this Donald Trump dating site will be right up your alley.

The site is called Trump Singles.com, and it already has 20,000 members who may or may not be insane. Trump Singles was started by a dude named David Goss who wants to “make dating great again.” OK, David.

While you may get pretty used to seeing it on Tinder, it’s still difficult not to feel bad when you see Tinder exchanges like the one below.

This guy thought he had a girl named Sarahi right where he wanted her, and then she completely ripped his world apart.

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