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It was his fourth complete game since joining the Cubs, with his last one coming also coming against the Giants last September.

Lester will bring a 3.19 ERA into Los Angeles against the Dodgers on Sunday.

Harvey was given the wide-open layup in this one, as the Mets got him seven runs in the bottom of the first.

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Before that, it was 16 AD and I was rolling with Jesus to this deli that had great matzoh ball soup. Or as I like to call it, from Mike Trout A to chimpanzee. So, this post isn’t meant to send shockwaves through your system.

In a few years from now, this is going to be a top 10,000 and I’m going to be ranking Mike Trout Jr. The pipe cleaner that the doctor uses to get the clogged wax from your ears is meant for that.

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